Proof of Authenticity

Congratulations on purchasing a unique bitcoin print. With the print comes a certificate made with Verisart, which is both physical on paper and digital. Those certificates are linked to a time-stamped provenance record and stored in a permanent, decentralized and anonymous ledger on the Bitcoin blockchain.


However the certificates are still on my name. To put the certificate on your name a number of actions are required. To make sure that no mistakes are made I ask you to mail a photo of the COA to, in this mail I also need an email address where the digital Veristart certificate can be sent to.

When I have the email address to which the certificate should be sent to, you will receive an email from from Verisart.

Click ‘Get Certificate’

2. Accept the certificate transfer
Signup/login to your Verisart account
(note you will need an account to accept the certificate transfer)

Click ‘Accept Certificate’

3. Transfer Pending & Confirmation
Upon accepting the certificate transfer, the certificate is updated with your Verisart account information
Check your emails for ‘Your Certificate is Pending’ & ‘Your Certificate is Verified’

Upon accepting the certificate transfer, once the certificate is verified on the blockchain, the certificate is marked as confirmed

Certificate by Verisart

Verisart is an easy and secure way for artists, galleries, auction houses and online marketplaces to certify and verify artworks and collectibles in real-time. They aim to increase trust and liquidity in the global art market by bringing transparency and uniformity to the identification of artworks and collectibles.

A Verisart certificate is a permanent digital record for a physical or digital artwork or collectible. Each certificate is linked to a provenance record detailing artwork, image, artist name, artwork title, production date, medium, dimensions, edition, current owner key, URL, secure QR code and a unique blockchain address.

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