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Bitcoin Moon Balloon Drawing Contest

How can you introduce your children to Bitcoin? I wondered about that too and came up with the idea of turning 1 of the prints into a coloring page.

This coloring page can be downloaded for free, and printed out as many times as you want.
1 of the coloring pages I will recreate with the colors that were used by your kid.
Any way of coloring is allowed, markers, colored pencils, paint, you name it. As long as your child is having fun, that’s the most valuable thing anyway! I will recreate the print myself, have it printed and send it over to the winner!

How can you get your child to participate?

– Download the coloring sheet
– Let your child color the coloring sheet
– Share a photo on twitter and tag me @Mrcrownnnnn
Or you can send me a DM/E-Mail

– Prefer 2 photos, 1 that your child is coloring, 1 of the end result.
– Of course, blurring faces is allowed when you don’t want a photo of your child roaming the Internet!

End of the month (28-02-2021) I will randomly choose a winner.
I will try to turn the coloring page into true original bitcoin print with of course
a matching certificate of authenticity.

I will post all submitted drawings in a gallery on this page!

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    Bitcoin Moon Balloon Drawing Contest

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